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Since its initial, limited release, Elvis Depressedly's Holo Pleasures EP has been a sought after relic for old and new fans alike. Run For Cover will re-release the EP Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin' on all formats in June 2016, three years since the original release of Holo Pleasures.
Reissued and expanded, the release's working title was Holo Pleasures II, but in reality, the California Dreamin' EP works as a companion to Holo Pleasures rather than a sequel. Taken from the same sessions as Holo Pleasures, the formerly unreleased 6 song EP ventures into different territory while maintaining the same dreamlike dizziness and warmth of it's partner EP.
Airy synthesizers, distant drums and cooing vocoders provide an intricate and fascinating backbone to the groovy, trance-inducing songs that are seen by the band as a bridge between the fuzzy indie pop of Holo Pleasures and the more laid-back grooves of their 2015 LP, New Alhambra. The double EP provides a unique experience to both long-time and first-time listeners of Elvis Depressedly that a standard reissue of older material wouldn't achieve.

Pepsi/Coke Suicide
Inside You
Weird Honey
Thinning Out
Angel Cum Clean
Cop Poet
Holo Pleasures (California Dreamin')
Up In the Air

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